Siho in her studio


A monologue for transformation


I paint the flow of emotion. I try to capture the moments where stillness reveals turmoil and movement brings about clarity of mind.

Humans have both a dark and a bright side. Each of us experiences loneliness, loss, anxiety and fear. These agonies usually hide somewhere within us and when we are weak, these feelings surface. No one wants to endure these torments. Rather we long to overcome them and live a happy life. My way of dealing with anguish is to think about the immutable values of life; values such as love which may bring pain, but love itself is always beautiful.

To think about these immutable values gives people strength to carry on. When I paint, I create a monologue that is part of this process of reawakening to these values. Within my figures is a reinvigoration of their senses which dilutes the tension and agony of humanity.